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We follow fair trade policies, which are focused on “Farm To Table”, by eliminating middlemen. So we can pay a fair price to beekeepers. It will encourage them to do more beekeeping and help us to bring you more and purer quality natural super food.


Abreeze Honey Stick is a substitute to sugar in your beverage;
an instant snack for adult and children alike;
and a replacement to the calorie laden post meal sweet indulgence.
Each stick serves a ‘just right’ quantity of
8ml = 1 teaspoon


Abreeze is committed to bringing you the best quality consumable products in convenient packaging. So you can have it anywhere anytime...

Just like our honey, directly sourced from beekeepers around India, from the Nilgiris to the Himalayas.

Along with quality, our convenience packaging makes us special and unique.

After conducting a vast market survey, we got to know that people at times avoid consuming honey simply because it is not convenient and messy to consume. With Abreeze Honey Sticks, you have nothing to worry about, because honey is packaged into 8-gram(One Teaspoon) sticks, which is the commonly consumed quantity as highlighted in our survey.

Our Story

2 avid honey lovers Rujeet and Shreetej re-invent one of the oldest consumed substances in the world – Honey! Ensuring purity in the way its procured & packaged; and convenience in the way its consumed – Just Rip and Sip!

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