The founders Rujeet and Shreetej, strive to bring you the purest honey sourced directly from the beekeepers of India.

With a thought to promote this sweet, viscous food substance as a substitute to sugar in your beverage, as an instant snack for you and your children, as a replacement to the calorie laden post meal sweet indulgence; Abreeze Honey Stick is convenience, nutrition and purity all packed in a sachet (stick) that holds smartly just

1 teaspoon – a quantity that’s JUST RIGHT for daily/one time consumption

Think Honey, Think No-Sticky hands
Think Honey, Think No-Wastage
Think Honey, Think Abreeze Honey Sticks


Purity & Convenience with Transparency of our Quality certified process.

We invite, our patrons, customers, and almost everyone to visit our production facility built on high quality standards, and see how Abreeze Honey Sticks are packaged. Our bee-keepers will be happy to explain and take you through the complete process and answer any questions you may have regarding honey.

We take the greatest possible care to ensure the ‘no human touch’ culture. What this means is that every drop of honey that is consumed by you, was only touched by the bees themselves! Ensuring Purity all the way.


At Abreeze we understand that honey is a product that has a large impact on the rural economy in our country. As mentioned earlier, we follow the fair trade philosophy where we ensure that our partners – the beekeepers - get a fair price for the product with only a single condition: provide the purest honey, extracted from the hives with the utmost care and while making sure that the bees are not dismayed in anyway.
Our goal is to promote the beekeeping culture as well as promote the consumption of honey by bringing you something different, such as our honey sticks that you can consume anywhere, everywhere.


To research, develop, and innovate packaging that ensures convenience along with flavour variants that enhance your taste buds.

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