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Solid Perfume Oudh

8 grams

₹1200 / ₹999(Special Launch Offer)


Qulaity Guarantee
This product is directly sourced from the beekeepers by Abreeze & we guarantee the quality & genuineness of the product.

Organic Beeswax, Assamese Oudh, pure Italian olive oil.

Made from the highest quality product extracts, using a 200-year old technique, of the famed Assamese Oudh as the base, and patchouli as the top notes, this perfume captures the woody aroma and lasts for hours with the mellow smells capturing your attention and of those around you. This alcohol-free solid perfume is made from 100% natural Indian beeswax that is sourced directly from our network of farmers and the beekeepers in rural India. This perfume captures the natural scent of India, allowing you to use it anywhere, anytime.

  • Travel and pocket friendly packaging
  • Unisex perfume
  • Made from 100% natural Indian ingredients
  • Free of alcohol

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