Ethically sourced directly from the beekeepers

As a responsible business startup it is our mission to pay a fair price for the quality of our products that you enjoy.

A fine quality

As our honey is sourced directly from the beekeepers, we can assure you that the honey you enjoy is of the finest quality.

Convenience of use

Simply tear and sip anywhere you want; at the office, during a jog, during breaks in the school, or to sit back and have one.

Natural energizer

Accordingly to a research by Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, honey is a known to have carbohydrates, Proteins with good Amino Acids, Vitamins (A, E, D, B1, B2, B3-Niacin, Vitamin C), Minerals (such as Zinc, Calcium, Manganese & etc.). In addition to this, honey is known to be predigested food and hence is absorbed easily into the bloodstream in a sustained and gradual manner.

Alternative sweetener

Honey can be seen as a healthy and organic alternative to the sugars and other chemical sweeteners that may be harmful to your health in the long term. Instead use a stick of Abreeze honey with your favorite green tea or over your breakfast in order to give it a sweet touch – literally.

Daily Dose of Superfood

Whichever day of the week might it be, have a stick of Abreeze a day for the dose of superfood for a better tomorrow'

Has a mild appetizing effect

good enough to serve your “Chotti Bhook”

Absolute fun!

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